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Easy LEI management

LEIAdmin provides an opportunity to create an account and perform all LEI code management tasks easily in one place. It makes it simple to manage numerous LEI codes on behalf of clients and thereby add value to the service offering. With an LEIAdmin account, you get access to:

  • Fast LEI Registration - new LEI codes can be issued in 3 hours on average
  • Discounted prices - the prices start from 50 EUR/54 USD per year
  • Bulk LEI Management - Register/Renew/Transfer hundreds of LEIs at a time
  • Automatic renewal - Annual renewals are taken care of automatically
  • Multiple payment options - Pay by credit card, PayPal or by a monthly invoice
  • Free LEI Certificates - Staring from the 3rd order, receive your PDF certificates for free


Referral link or iframe

Refer your customers to register or renew their LEI code with us with a unique link. We pay commission for every successful customer!

If you have a website and want to keep your customers on it, you can add our iframe to your website. We provide the code for the registration form, the back-end processes, will handle payments and customer support. You will receive a commission for every transaction!



Discounted rates for partners

LEIAdmin offers discounted rates for registered partners. Payments can be made in either USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or INR.

Earn commission

By choosing to become a partner and making use of either the iframe solution or the referral link, we pay a commission for every successful transaction. Commission is paid in three tiers, depending on the country the entity is registered in. Full commission scheme.

New LEI prices

1 Year LEI  -    50 EUR
2 Year LEI  -    95 EUR
3 Year LEI  - 135 EUR
4 Year LEI  -    170 EUR
5 Year LEI  - 200 EUR

Renew LEI prices

1 Year LEI  -    50 EUR
2 Year LEI  -    95 EUR
3 Year LEI  - 135 EUR
4 Year LEI  -    170 EUR
5 Year LEI  - 200 EUR

Tier 1

1 Year LEI  - 20 EUR
3 Year LEI  - 45 EUR
5 Year LEI  - 65 EUR

Tier 2

1 Year LEI  - 15 EUR
3 Year LEI  - 30 EUR
5 Year LEI  - 50 EUR

Tier 3

1 Year LEI  - 10 EUR
3 Year LEI  - 20 EUR
5 Year LEI  - 30 EUR

Manage LEIs in bulk

With a LEIAdmin account, you can manage (register, renew or transfer) multiple LEIs in bulk. We have a template file (example), which can be filled in and uploaded to your account.

Depending on your payment method, your credit card or PayPal account will then be automatically charged, or we can provide a bulk proforma invoice for the orders.

In case a letter of authorisation is required (for transfers), we can also provide a bulk letter of authorisation, so it can only be signed once, instead of a separate one for each entity.

Discount code

If you are not interested in earning any commission or managing your clients' LEIs on their behalf, however you have a large number of customers (10+) who require LEI codes, you can provide them with a discount code. In order to use this option, please get in touch with us at


In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at